The main benefit of participating in research is to obtain clinical experience with new medications prior to their general release. It is interesting to have a front-line view of in the increasing complexity of phase 3 clinical trials as time goes on.”

Dr. N.W. Rodger, Endocrinologist, London, Ontario

As a clinician, the role of engaging in clinical trials adds incredible value to your practice; it will bring you to the cutting edge of medicine and provide valuable insight into the future of patient care.  By joining Viable Clinical Research as an investigator, you will have access to unparalleled expertise and support, allowing for a seamless addition to your clinical practice with minimal effort.  The financial considerations for accessing a revenue flow outside of OHIP is a further benefit.”

Dr. James Kim, Chronic Pain Specialist, Brampton, ON

VCR makes contract negotiations, billing and regulatory submissions extremely easy so that we can focus on patient care.  By also providing qualified Research Coordinators to perform study related tasks there are very minimal disruptions to office practices.”

Dr. Robert Wahby, Family Practice, Dorchester, ON